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The school provides separate air conditioned hostel facilities for boys and girls in the campus. All the hostels are well furnished and have all the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment that they can identify as their home. Trained staff members including housemistresses and housemasters along with a whole range of support staff, are entrusted with the well-being of the children and to ensure that the needs of our children are fully met. Staying in a hostel is a unique experience and whosoever has stayed in one, will appreciate the true value of it. It’s a well-known fact that hostel life infuses confidence and makes a child independent that helps him/her grow mentally and psychologically.

Hostel life instills a feeling of couragein oneself and makes one independent. It’s an opportunity provided where one makes friends for life. We at Shiksha Valley School believe that our students deserve the best possible environment and resources. This will enable them to explore their potential to the fullest and carve a niche for themselves. Shiksha Valley School is one the best boarding schools for Boys & Girls in Dibrugarh.

Prep Time :
Morning and evening tutorials are provided under the supervision of teachers to help the children prepare for their next day at school. Sundays and Holidays are for special hobby classes and outings. Superintendence and Care: Housemasters and Housemistresses look after each child's welfare and needs. There area number of housekeeping staffs to assist and take care of the younger children. However, gradually the habit of self-help is developed amongst them to do the daily chores. Children are invited to share their problems with the Housemaster/Housemistress who is available all the time, day or night. There is a sick bay for rest, care and nursing of students with minor ailments / indisposition.

Trips and Tours: Boarders are taken on a visit to the city for shopping and recreation (movies, amusement park etc.) on selected Sundays, accompanied by the Housemasters/Housemistresses  andthe Teachers. Local guardians may take their ward for outing once a month, with prior written permission. Only parents are allowed to take the child for a nightout. During mid-term breaks, children may be taken for historical and natural excursions/sightseeing visits. 

A part of the hostel block consists of a spacious dining hall and hygienic kitchens (separate for vegetarians and non-vegetarians) with clean drinking water facility. A wholesome and nutritious diet is provided to the students. Opportunity is given to the students to plan their weekly menu. There is a choice between Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foodfor each child to choose from.
Cafeteria : 
The school has an aesthetically designed Multi-Cuisine Cafeteria offering a wide variety of cuisines and snacks. The Cafeteria functions on selected days in a week.Training and day routine: The day begins with a wake-up call followed by yoga, meditation and morning exercises. Morning bath is a must for each child. After a refreshing bath, children move to the dining hall for morning breakfastwhich is followed by a brief period allotted for self-study.

Thereafter, they walk to school and join the school assembly for the Morning Prayer. During recess, children are served with milk, snacks etc. After school is over, children return to their dorms, have their Lunch and change into their sports attire. Evening outdoor sportslike Swimming, Cricket, Basketball, Volley ball, Soccer  and Indoor sportslikeBilliards, Dart,Hopscotch,Badminton,Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis, Foosballand Air Hockey are part of their daily schedule under the guidance of a trained coaches.
 A sumptuous supper is followed by relaxation and TV time. Post that, Children pack their school bags and tidy their uniforms for a poised and dignified look the next day. Although due assistance is provided to the children, they are encouraged to perform their daily chores on their own.

One of the best pediatricians of Dibrugarh visits the school infirmary periodically and one of the best muti-speciality hospitals of Dibrugarh provides emergency and hospitalization facilities. A qualified nurse and an assistantsupervise the infirmary round the clock. Parents must provide full and correct information of the child in the medical form.

Parents who hide facts about a child's infirmity will do so at their own risk. No child is permitted to keep any medicine in his/her possession. If a child is under treatment, the medicine and the prescription must be handed over to the infirmary and the Housemaster/housemistress informed.

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