What's in Our Logo


Our Vision Mission is reflected through the School Logo.

The School Logo symbolizes: Learning, enlightment and wisdom.

The Sun is worldwide, embodying power, glory, illumination,vitality or source of life on earth.

The Book symbolizes knowledge. it is the main source and symbol for enlightment.

The Pen is mighter than the sword Therefore, it is an accepted symbol of education and wisdom.

The Graduation Hat is a symbol of victory and accomplishment. It displays the completion of our goal - Education.

"Shraddhavan Labhte Gyanam" 

One who has "Shraddha" obtains Knowledge/Gyanam. (The word Shraddha is explained as "Faith with Love and Reverence")

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"Pretty much all the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by children.~ Oliver Wendell Holmes "